The RCPET serves the faculty and students at NTNU by enriching their understanding of psychological and educational testing and by providing relevant consultation. In addition, it conducts R&D and promotion on the techniques and tools used in psychological and educational testing. The primary mission of the RCPET includes:

1. Develop psychological and educational tests.
2. Research on special topics in psychological and educational tests.
3. Design and construct psychological and educational tests on a commission basis.
4.Conduct academic studies on the development of international psychological testing.
5.Promote the application of psychological testing and relevant consultation services.
6.Develop software applications for psychological testing.
7.Engage in other activities related to psychological and educational testing.
8.Conduct R&D on test items for the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students (CAP) and the High School Specialty Placement Test.
9. Plan for, execute, improve and conduct the CAP and the High School Specialty Placement Test.
10.Conduct R&D, trials and promotion for the Standard-based Assessment of Student Achievement for Junior High School Students(SBASA).
11.Cultivate professionals in psychological and educational testing; facilitate international exchanges and cooperation