The Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing (RCPET) at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) was established in April 1997, under the Ministry of Education's program to provide guidance and consultation related to testing. As a national research center and one of the few testing centers in Taiwan focusing on research and development of “psychological testing”, the RCPET consists of three divisions: Research and Development, Service Promotion and General Affairs. Its mission includes promoting the R&D of psychological and educational testing, and providing testing-related advisory services to schools at all levels and business entities. Since 1998, the RCPET had been commissioned by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to develop test items for the Basic Competence Test for Junior High School Students. Starting from 2011, it has been developing test items for the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students (CAP), The Standard-based Assessment of Student Achievements for Junior High School Students (SBASA) and some other tests, to support the 12-year compulsory education policy implemented in 2014.

The RCPET began to operate under Dr. Sheng-Yu Kuo, the first director, from the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. Throughout the years, the baton was passed to Dr. Sieh-Hwa Lin, Dr. Wu-Tien Wu, Dr. Guo-Nan Mao,and Dr. Yao-Ting Sung under whose leadership the RCPET continued to expand its activities. Dr. Po-Hsi Chen, the incumbent director, now takes charge of coordinating and driving the research and development endeavors of the RCPET. Responsibilities of the three divisions of the RCPET are as follows:

I. Research and Development Division

1. Develop psychological and educational tests.
2. Research on special topics in psychological and educational testing.
3. Facilitate joint projects on psychological and educational testing in Taiwan and abroad; organize national and international symposiums.
4. Develop software applications of psychological and educational testing.

II. Service Promotion Division

1. Make psychological and educational tests available for loan and manage the tests.
2. Provide services such as computerized grading, analysis and interpretation of psychological and educational testing.
3. Organize workshops on the application of psychological and educational testing.
4. Assist universities and colleges to conduct instructional evaluation.

III. General Affairs Division

1.Manage human resources, budget and assets of the RCPET.
2.Collect psychological tests, papers, publications, etc.
3.Conduct psychological and educational testing by the RCPET and publish publications.
4. Manage the copyright of psychological and educational tests.